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Come on a Soul Journey
into the heart of Ireland

Come on personal pilgrimage with Trish around the sacred sites of Ireland. Ireland is majestic and wild ,seducing us into her magic. She is feral and edgy yet softly embracing, vulnerable and powerful, She is willing to lead you into the emerald heart of the land, to the ancient fires of ecstasy and the quiet pool of reflection. You can journey into her peace, reclaiming your sovereignty and your own authentic voice.. She is fluid like the spiralling rhythms of the land, leading you into the dance of faery,deep into the green Sidhe mounds.Her voice is haunting, once heard, never forgotten as she will speak to you in dream no matter how far away.

Sacred Sites Pilgrimage: Dream for the Children

This pilgrimage is for the children of Ireland:
to realise a world where each child’s life is honoured;
to intend for them a world where they are held in safety and
their birthright to flourish in trust and innocence is acknowledged.
As we walk this ceremony across the land, with each footstep, we touch the sacred
law— that no harm will be done to the child of any of the worlds of the
Grandmother Earth. We strive to more fully awaken this understanding in
ourselves, the people, and to gather the courage needed to make it so.
As adults, we journey also for the child inside ourselves—that this child also may
heal so we have the strength to stand as protectors of the children. We journey as
noble children of Earth and Star, remembering who we are on our home planet,
Earth; remembering the Dream each of us carry, to make a world of beauty and
heart for the future generations possible.
“As we mark the turnings of the year, Come and join us on these day-long
ceremonies to potent Sacred Sites on our land, to touch and embrace the ancient
covenant held in Eiriú—the template of harmony between the human and the spirit
world, a synergy within which all life thrives. Come and join us as we call again for
the balance of the sacred masculine and feminine; to the Lord and Lady of this
land, that we may remember the way of holding and blessings for the

Trish is leading pilgrimages to the sacred sites
in Ireland.

For other pilgrimages this year see
'latest news and events'

Trish is also available for personalized pilgrimages and tours.
Contact her directly about these.

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