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 New Online Course!

 Beginning late 2020 .

 This course will guide you into the sacred sites of Ireland with storytelling, shamanic journeying and a new mythology for these times.

  Email to register your interes


Everyday Goddess Workshops

Sept 2020- May 2021
With Trish Cameron (Star)

2020/21 This is an invitation to the upcoming cycle of women’s sacred
sexuality. We continue our journey into divine feminine energy; travelling
from the Autumn Equinox through the dark of the year and its new beginnings
until May time and the rebirth of our sexual energies. You are invited to partake
in the return of the Divine Feminine, the mysteries she unfolds within you, the
adventures she challenges you to embark upon and the freedom that she offers.
Trish Cameron (Star) is a medicine woman with over thirty years of experience
within the indigenous traditions of Eiriu (Ireland). Her passion has been the
reawakening of the ancient wisdom and spirit within the land & the people, with
particular focus on the Divine Feminine energies. She combines this with her
earlier training in sexuality for women and offers you this course as a
crystallization of her life’s work so far.
Everyday Goddess Workshops 2020/2021
The focus of the course is for creative communication between the sexual and
the spiritual within ourselves; to reclaim power and compassion so as to move
through our lives comfortable in our own skins
We learn about our bodies, listening to them with respect and discovering how
to pay attention to their needs, wants and desires. We make space for our spirit,
inviting our essential energy to embody so that we stand as a blending of spirit
and matter, fully present as Woman.
This circle of women is a sanctuary, a space of nourishment and replenishment,
the opportunity to reclaim your authenticity. Our time together is an ongoing
ceremony to unite heaven and earth within yourself. We will use talking circles,
sweat lodge ceremony, visiting sacred sites on the land, movement, questing
allies, vision quest and initiations as vehicles to bring ourselves into wholeness.
This gathering will challenge you to embrace compassion and acceptance for
yourself as you learn to stand in your truth beyond the masks that you wear in
life to get by. As you do this, your essence will reveal itself to you: a
willingness to feel deeply again; to accept the joy and the challenge of life and
to free yourself from the bindings that have constricted your expression of your
unique offering to life. This work is not therapy but may have many therapeutic
benefits, as you journey more deeply into yourself.
Most of all, we want to celebrate our sexuality as a natural and wholesome
expression of who we are- essential if we are to walk forward in our lives free
of the shame and guilt of the past stories. Finally, as we join in circle and
ceremony together, we offer the fruits of our work to all those women who have
gone before us and those who will come after us. We do this also for the
feminine in each male within our family lines and this land.


The cost of the course is €840
Earlybird cost is €755 (if paid in full by June 15th)
Payment in advance by 31st of August 2019, or
€85 on day of each workshop (€165 for Weekends)
Please note that commitment is for all sessions in the year
A deposit of €100 is required to secure a place, along with a completed
participant registration form.
The Workshops take place at An Nead, Kiltegan, near Baltinglass in Co.
We will bring food & meals to share, & nurture the Goddess

To book a place, contact:
Karen Minchin OakHeartSinger on +353(0)85 722 3862
or email

“For me the Everyday Goddess workshop was one of the most heart
opening and life changing experiences of my life and I feel it completely
changed me from a person who couldn’t look herself in the mirror with
any confidence to someone who has really come to love the person she
has become. I welcomed this confident loving generous person home to
myself with open arms... for years I could imagine a woman who was
happy in her heart, happy in her physical body, happy in her sexuality,
and a feeling of worthiness, a woman who could sit in a circle of women
and trust wholeheartedly... I feel I have become that woman.
Every woman needs to do this course and teach our daughters these
wonderful aspects of ourselves.”
Blessings, always in gratitude and in beauty.
Karen Minchin“The Everyday Goddess Workshops were a gift and an anchor in my
life during a period of change and challenge, and ultimately they
supported me to undertake deep and profound transformation. Trish
Cameron is a truly gifted wise woman, leader and facilitator. She held
the group with great presence and with gentleness, providing safety and
holding for all to journey with the teachings. The bonds and connections
that I formed with the group continue to support and nourish me, and I
am deeply grateful for the many gifts received, which I feel will continue
to unfold.”
Bright Blessings,Noni Hughes

Nourishing. Deeply Healing. Supportive. Creative. Home. Blessed.
These are some of the words that come through my experience of the
Everyday Goddess. Star has created the most beautiful sacred space to
explore the Deep Feminine with my sisters on this journey. I am
eternally grateful for this potent opportunity to come home to myself in
love and beauty.
Deepest Gratitude, Áine

I took part in The Everyday Goddess for 2019/2020,
I absolutely loved every meeting. Star is a most wonderful facilitator.
The connection to the group and the work we did together was really
The course helped me connect with myself and my family. I learned a
lot about myself and my triggers, and how to manage my emotions
better. I enjoyed the temple and the company so much I am considering
taking part again next year. Being in a close space with so many
different women and hearing their stories of grief, happiness &
achievements throughout the year was deeply humbling.
We also enjoyed wonderful food together on our breaks, where we
shared a lot of stories about all our different interests and hobbies, I felt
a great sense of community in the group and have made some life long
friends along the way.
To anyone looking to connect deeper into the divine feminine that
resides within us all, their roots on this land or simply have that time in
circle to contemplate & move through all of life's ups and downs with
wonderful support the Everyday Goddess is absolutely for you.

The goddess group is one of the most powerful groups that I have ever
sat with. The energy that is created with a group of women is so
therapeutic. They become like sisters, family, friends and a valuable
source of support and knowledge. Go with an open mind and heart and
devote this time for you and commit fully to the process. I learnt so
much about myself and who I really am. Highly recommend this

Weavers of the Grail Training

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Mobile +353(0)872073923

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